This is my first Daito Ryu note, I started studying Daito Ryu with Sensei Shawn Douglass in Roppokai in Jan/06/2017. I will writing something I notice here and some review for myself.

  1. Ukemi: The very important thing in all martial art which can protect my body. I found that, Instead of rolling forward, they twist their body, like cat in the air. So the line really touch the ground is from one hand to another hand. By doing so, I guess you won't feeling anything in neck. One tip from Sensei is remember don't let shoulder touch ground. This tip really help me identify my incorrectness. Also, one thing I did bad is rolling backward. One will start with one bended leg and one straight leg, when you roll back, kick with the bended leg( I found it will give you more energy if you don't have enough energy to roll back.) and one hand should push up to protect your neck?

  2. Today I also learn 一番手~三番手(not sure the name...). One thing I did wrong is I always try to grip and take their hand in first grip. After my review, I don't need to do that, what I need is hold their hand to make sure they can't escape, and turn my body. This should lock their first joint with my whole body.

  3. 一番手:lock enemy's wrist

  4. In 二番手, lock wrist and elbow, Sensei said if I am doing right, I can force my enemy down by just little bow. I notice they will try to bring my front arm to their body. So I tried, but the problem is that I cannot bring their arm to me. After my review, if I can't bring their arm to me, I should just move forward to their.

  5. 三番手, lock wrist, elbow and shoulder....?