I saw this interesting article about Tiktok. Although I am not 100% agree with his opinion, it do provide very good perspective to look at this app. I haven't use Tiktok before, so most of the information comes from that article. Despite the Chinese censor behind the product, it do have a pretty good strategy.

  1. Sign up process - Unlike most other service, you don't need to sign up with email or create an account. It simple use device id. I actually like this though. I always don't understand why I need an account for my fitbit watch.
  2. UI - Full screen video for inital page, auto-replay. They provide very good mobile UI. Unlike other social like Facebook, is desktop based and text based, Their UI or product is design for mobile. Which make it more comfortable to watch. Not to mention their auto-replay feature. I hope IG will have this feature so I don't need to scroll up just for watch a beautiful judo through. UI is actually an underestimated area for most of the company. For example, Chase vs CITI, TD vs Robinhood. A good UI can easily draw more attention to first time user and provide the opportunity to retain them.
  3. Content editor integration, insert watermark, lip-sync tool - This is probably provide batter environment for early stage creator. This also remind me poor sticker store in Facebook and Google don't even have it.
  4. short form video, what happen to vine?
  5. way to capture data for ad. Short form can create more user data by have more view data per period of user. Youtube vs Tiktok
  6. anti social social media, they don't need friends, no parent. Think about US government is going to review your social media. And now only China can read your data?
  7. made creators first-class citizens, content suggestion, 1:1 demo, creator community, provide phone stand. Some thing need a deep pocket mother company
  8. localization https://factordaily.com/the-chinese-takeover-of-indian-app-ecosystem/ (need look)
  9. flooded the world with marketing, deep pocket
  10. Long form video in mid 2019 to prevent leakage
  11. music stream drove by memes.
  12. E-commerce, Facebook has poor integration on this
  13. Donation, Youtube has it
  14. Mother company: Bytedance: video streaming, finance, education, messaging, news feed, enterprise software


Attracting new viewer

The very good first impression comes from register free process unlike other social media. A comfortable mobile specific UI comes after that. Tiktok offer full screen video gallery, auto-replay while Instgram is a text based and user have to swipe up to see the video again in explore tab.

Atrracting new creator

Good support of built-in content creator and able to connect to other platform make it a base platform for early stage creator's good choice. Not to mention it also provide hardware.

Deep pocket mother company

Spend tons of money om marketing and contract with creator. Those money also make Tiktok go through the time that don't have enough user and ad revenue.

Prevent creator leakage

Continue support creator with content editor and broader platform from its mother platform.